My mood diary 2. -- How to observe a personBecause the human just knew (contact) from the very beginning as a result to each other also not familiar reason, therefore 租房子displays usually can with real have the disparity at the same time,The wish understood that a person best method is the interaction and the communication, believed that 房屋出租long-term is together down, knew understood only then can be most real one side,Do not use the semblance or the first impression judges a person's individuality or the 售屋網hobby, may start from his side small matter to begin, for example every action and every movement, as well as the processing matter's manner and the method, the ordinary 賣房子interest ~ words and deeds manner so forth, believed certainly may penetrate understanding!!The proverb said: “lives by the heart, changes by the heart”, the innermost 新成屋feelings thought that can 11 places display on the face, gradually, the appearance nature along with it change, certainly then because of the look, the movement knew,Human 房屋買賣who has the plans after all wants to serve certain purposes to make some petty actions,Has the human who the plans and the ambition person knew mostly is to oneself has the 找房子help (, but complete people are by no means so),Wants to know person's plans and the ambition strength or not, must ......more than 1. are together 2. to observe 3. to 土地買賣ask the human,In brief, I think multi-observation very important ^^if ~ ~ ~ changes a person's idea ......I thought that the might as well must improve itself first! ~ ~ 室內設計~The above is myself individuality analysis (does not know accurately or not)??

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